For serving the aircraft with expert precision

In ramp services, baggage reconciliation loaded to the warehouse must be ensured in accordance with the requests and demands of the customer airlines. We are dedicated to providing the baggage reconciliation, starting by matching the passenger with the checked baggage to ensure that flight schedules are met on time. With our ramp services, we offer a wide range of functions such as aircraft loading and unloading, passenger transfers, supply of pushback vehicles, air start units (ASU), ground power units (GPU), cabin cleaning, drinking water units and toilet service units in the most effective way, RAMP SAFETY FIRST ”, we adopt to eliminate risks by acting with our slogan.

Our services;
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • External Power Units (GPU & ASU)
  • Cooling / Heating
  • Aircraft Withdrawal / Transport
  • Toilet Services
  • Water Services
  • Ice / Snow Removal